Defeating Rosa DeLauro in 2018


Author: christopherschaefer

Christopher Schaefer has lived in the 1871 “Lane-Hubbard House”at 84 Second St., New Haven, Connecticut since 1986 and abhors our crony, corrupt political system. Interests include micro-landscaping, guerrilla-gardening, local history, historic preservation. (Did you really expect me to list politics here?!) He has been married to the same woman for over 35 years (I’m not kidding!) and has 2 adult ‘children’. He has Gilles de la Tourette Syndrome: if you have a problem with that, then he 'probably' has a problem with YOU. He’s willing to lend tools to his neighbors, but if one of them doesn’t return something–that’s it. He always enjoys sightings of an incredibly beautiful, exotic rooster that lives nearby. Every Sunday, he attends a Mass that’s entirely in Latin, down in Norwalk: a living-yet-ancient connection with his ancestors.

2 thoughts on “Defeating Rosa DeLauro in 2018”

    1. That’s a list of NOMINEES, so does not include registered Write-in candidates. I’m not sure when the Sec. of State will inform town registrars who is ALSO a “registered” write-in. In past years that list has not been released until Oct. 25, because people have until Oct. 20 to register as such.


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