Defeating Rosa DeLauro in 2018

Author: christopherschaefer

Christopher Schaefer has been an employee of Valley Organ Restoration Co. since 2020 and has lived in the 1871 “Lane-Hubbard House”, City Point, New Haven, Connecticut since 1986. Interests include historic preservation, micro-landscaping, guerrilla-gardening, local history. He has been married to the same woman for 40+ years and has 2 adult ‘children’. Every Sunday morning, he attends a Catholic Mass that’s ENTIRELY in the ancient Latin language in Waterbury, Connecticut: a living-yet-ancient connection with innumerable generations of his ancestors.

2 thoughts on “Defeating Rosa DeLauro in 2018”

    1. That’s a list of NOMINEES, so does not include registered Write-in candidates. I’m not sure when the Sec. of State will inform town registrars who is ALSO a “registered” write-in. In past years that list has not been released until Oct. 25, because people have until Oct. 20 to register as such.


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